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24 inches 6.4 lbs.

New Record at LaMoine Camp's Pond

October 5, 2011

On September 28, 2011, Program Manager, Matthew Churchill, headed to the pond to relax and cast his line a few times. Little did he know how the evening’s events would unfold. About 7:00pm on Wednesday evening Matthew decided that he would cast one last time before heading back to the house to help put his little girl to bed. As he cast Matthew decided that the 12 inch bass he caught just moments ago would be the only fish he caught that night and told Reuben, the family’s German Shepherd, that it was almost time to head home. Moments after the lure hit the water Matthew realized that he had a nice sized fish on, but had no idea how big it was. “Until it jumped while fighting I thought that it was just a little one giving a decent fight,” Matthew later recalled. It took just over five minutes to bring the bass in and without using a net to land the fish, Matthew was careful to get it to shore before being able to grab it. Immediately he called home to his wife Sarah to grab the camera because he was headed home to get a picture with this fish. Sarah, Matthew’s wife, recalls using words such as “mount-worthy” and “massive” to describe the bass that her husband brought home that night.

The largemouth bass measured at 24 inches and 6.4 lbs. This is the largest fish caught at LaMoine Christian Camp’s pond on record beating the previous record held by Camp Director, Doug Hamer. Doug’s bass measured 21 inches and 5.5 lbs. caught on April 26, 2009.

“This is the biggest fish that I can remember ever catching. It was a lot of fun,” states Matthew as he sits in his office smiling while recalling the excitement of catching such a large fish. “I had thought about keeping it and getting it mounted,” explains Churchill. However, he decided to put it back. When asked about why he decided to not keep the fish, Matthew simply stated, “I want to give other people the opportunity to have an enjoyable experience like I had.” Maybe you can catch the monster bass on your next outing at LaMoine.

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